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About me

As a Neurotypical dad (I think) to a Neurodivergent daughter I realised just how overwhelming it can be when you/your child is recognised as such.


"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

I went down the rabbit hole of research to try and learn what support is available as a parent so that I could understand, accept, advocate and learn to become an ally and the parent that my daughter needs. 

I realised very quickly after a diagnosis there is very little support. I learned that the information the professionals sign post you to is very much medical and deficit based.  This is where it became overwhelming as I just didn’t know where to turn or what information to trust.  

So to understand this I turned to those with lived experience. I learned about the Neurodiversity Movement and how it is so important to be Neurodiversity Affirming.  I’m most definitely not an expert and everyday I turn to various, blogs, websites, Instagram, Facebook pages and groups to learn.

I’m not artistic and nor do I have creative writing skills so I am eternally grateful to all the wonderful content creators who share their lived experiences and use their spoons everyday.

I have set up this website to try and help people who may go through the same thing as me.  To signpost you to many fantastic resources. A resource I wish was available as our family started on our journey.   I hope by having this information in one place it can be a resource as useful to you as it has been to me.


"It shouldn't have to happen to you to matter to you!"

I am not a martyr or an “Autism Dad”. I most certainly am not here to speak over any Neurodivergent’s. I believe in acceptance, belonging and inclusion for all.  If you know better you can do better.  To do that we have to listen & learn from those with lived experience.

The resources are across multiple platforms.  If you don't use Instagram I would recommend learning it. Depending on the age of your children, it is an app they may well use so not only can you learn from people it will help you make a greater connection to your children. It certainly helped me!

The information you will find in resources is a mixture of international and UK but all relevant.  I am from Berkshire so have a page specifically for that area.  But regardless of where you are there is so much you can learn from the Terminology section and so many other great Advocates, Websites, blogs and books to explore.

I have also created a blog to share my thoughts and so I can share content that resonates, and to show support for those that I follow in the community.  These are the people that we should be listening and learning from after all!

New World
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