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There are so many advocates and creators with lived experience that share so much on Instagram.  These people and organisations have helped and inspired me.  I have learned so much and will continue to do so as I listen and learn from them everyday.


The time, energy and spoons they use everyday to Advocate, Educate, Support and help is truly amazing!  I cannot thank them enough for everything they do.  


Everyone should be listening to and learning from these people and this is why I have created this page to share links to the various pages, groups, accounts, organisations and Authors I have learned so much from.  I hope you can learn as much as I do from them and support them by showing any appreciation you can!

If you are Neurodivergent and have a Instagram account and would like to feature on here please get in touch, contact details at the bottom of the page.

  • Explaining Autism
    I have found these links to be really useful to help me understand and explain Austism. My Brain Is Autistic » NeuroClastic Autism is a Spectrum" Doesn't Mean What You Think » NeuroClastic Autism: A Few Words* For Family and Friends of Late-Discovery Autistic People – Slugger O'Toole WHAT IS AUTISM? • NEUROQUEER Some great videos below that may also help. Amazing Things Happen - by Alexander Amelines - YouTube Fast Facts About Autism For Kids (World Autism Awareness Day) - YouTube 'There's no one way to be autistic' - BBC Ideas NeuroWild - ⭐️ New resource: telling your kid they they’re... | Facebook
  • Neurodiversity
    I have found the following really helped me to understand Neurodiversity, basic terms & definitions. This piece is by DR Nick Walker, I would recommend bookmarking her website. NEURODIVERSITY: SOME BASIC TERMS & DEFINITIONS • NEUROQUEER Neurodivergent or neurodiverse and why getting it right really matters by Autistic and Living the Dream Neurodivergent or neurodiverse? Why getting it right really matters – Autistic and Living the Dream ( Some videos below to also help Neurodiversity - YouTube Neurodiversity Explained - YouTube What is the Neurodiversity Movement?
  • Anxiety
    Please check out the below links for some great insights into Autism and Anxiety.
  • Ableism
    What is ableism? How to combat ableism. Debunking ableist phrases Something to think about.
  • ABA & PBS
    Trigger Warning - links will contain distressing information and abuse. ABA is a type of Therapy, please make sure you check Therapy section of this site. When choosing a therapist if in fact one is needed please make sure they are Neurodiversity affirming. What is it about ABA that is so harmful to Autistic people? - Emergent Divergence NeuroWild - ABA is unfortunately a very prevalent ’therapy’ for... | Facebook The below relates to PBS which is derived from ABA. On ‘Positive Behaviour Support’ – AMASE
  • Language Preference
    Using the correct language to me is about respect and acceptance and as a parent you should understand the language preference of the community that your child is involved with. The below articles should help you do understand why the majority of the Autistic community prefer Identity first language and why language really does matter. Language and Microaggressions - Ableism - LibGuides UFV at University of the Fraser Valley NeuroClastic - People have a hard time understanding what autistic... | Facebook
  • Importance of identification
    Ignore the ableist bigots who say "why do you want a label?" instead listen to and learn from Actually Autistic people as to the importance of it. The below articles should help you understand this.
  • Spikey Profile
    A great Infographic from Neurclastic that explains Spiky Profile.
  • Screen time
    In all the groups I am in I have seen so many people asking about and talking negatively about screen time. The below articles should help to change your perspective and give you a better understanding of the many benefits.
  • Alexithymia
    The below links will explain what Alexithymia is much better than me so please check them out. What is alexithymia? - Emergent Divergence
  • Meltdowns
    To understand meltdowns more please check out the below.
  • Reasonable Adjustments/Workplace adjustments
    If you are unsure what these are or what you could ask for the below articles may help. Reasonable Adjustments in School Workplace adjustments.
  • A$ - Autism Speaks - An organisation to avoid
    Just like ABA therapy there are organisations out there that should be avoided one of which is Autism Speaks (A$) the below article helps to explain this and also their influence on the UK. Hopefully me sharing this will stop many others being fooled.
  • Acronyms and Terms
    The below website created by John Greally has some fantastic information on acronyms and some of the terminology that is regularly used. AutisticTopics John Greally Glossary of Autistic Terms from Aucademy GLOSSARY OF AUTISTIC TERMS – Aucademy Mutual Aid and Human-Centered Learning for Neurodivergent and Disabled People Neurodiversity affirming glossary by Autistic Realms.
  • Autism Martyr / Autism Mum/Dad/Parents
    A great article from Neurodivergent Rebel about Autism Martyr Parents.
  • Therapy
    Post diagnosis you may well hear the word therapy a lot and in some instances may have it pushed upon you. That said I urge you to read the below article by Terra Vance of Neuroclastic. If you do go down the route of therapy then you should be looking to Neurodiversity affirming therapists and most definitely not ABA. (Please be sure to check the links under ABA to get a better understanding of why you should avoid this) If you are looking for a therapist then you need to understand how to spot a good or bad therapist and the below article should help with this.
  • Autistic & Gaming
    This article from Autisticality will help you to understand some of the benefits of and why gaming isn't as bad as you may well think.
  • Masking
  • Eye Contact
  • Gaslighting/Things not to say
    Below you will see some examples of gaslighting and things not to say. This needs to stop! This Facebook post from Neurodivergent Rebel has 100s of examples of what not to say from people all over the globe!
  • Spectrum
    The below should help you to understand what the Autism Spectrum actually is. Autism is a dynamic disability and the below instagram post will help you to understand this more.
  • Stimming
  • Double Empathy Problem
  • Interoception
  • Coke Bottle Effect
  • Picky Eating
  • Shutdowns
  • Situational Mutism
    Selective mutism as many will here it but preferred terminology is situational mutism. The below articles will help to explain why.
  • Hyposensitive
  • Hypersensitive
  • When to tell my children?
    People ask this question a lot! So here are some articles to help you make that decision. Although you should be doing it as soon as possible, and not hiding it from your child.
  • Understanding your brain
    Another great article from Terra Vance of NeuroClastic to help you understand yours or your childs brain and their sensory experiences.
  • Positive Behaviour supports, AKA Rewards
    The Dark Side of Rewards, Part 1: Why Incentives Do More Harm Than Good in the Classroom - Alliance Against Seclusion and Restraint ( Show Me The Evidence - by Dr Naomi Fisher - Think Again ( 100% Attendance - by Dr Naomi Fisher - Think Again ( The Gem Jar - by Dr Naomi Fisher - Think Again ( Behaviourism Damages Autistic Children (
  • Sensory Differences
    Understanding yours or your childs sensory needs is really important and the below articles will help you to understand this. You may have also heard about a Sensory diet, the below may help to understand what one is. The 8 Senses
  • Functioning Labels
    To learn more about functioning lables and the damage they do please check out the below.
  • Puzzle Piece
    The puzzle piece is rejected by most of the Autistic community to find out why please check the below.
  • Autism & Rules
  • Trauma
  • Echolalia
  • Infodumping
  • Spoon Theory
  • Routines
  • Positives
    Flip the narrative, lets look at the positives.
  • Special Interests
    The article below by Terra Vance of NeuroClastic will help you with how to bond with your Autistic child through your special interests.
  • Sleep
  • Time Perception
  • Waiting Mode
  • Rigid thinking
  • Black and white thinking
  • Executive function
  • Listening
  • Inspiration Porn
  • Autism Myths and common misunderstandings
  • Autism & Face Blindess
  • The Social Model
  • Scripting
  • Communications
  • Touch
  • Misophonia - Noise sensitivity
  • PDA
    PDA Society – Pathological Demand Avoidance – Part of the Autism Spectrum PDA explained by Ausome Training
  • Burnout
    A great free guide for supporting children through Autistic Burnout written by Helen of Autistic Realms can be found at the following link, Supporting Children through Autistic Burnout (Parent/Carer Guide) (
  • Monotropism & Monotropic Split
    Helen of Autistic Realms has written some great articles on Monotropism please click the links below. Embracing Autistic Children’s Monotropic Flow States — Neurodiverse Connection ( Monotropism Questionnaire & Inner Autistic/ADHD Experiences ( Fergus Murray also has a fantastic website all about it. Monotropism - Welcome
  • Thin Slice Judgements
  • OCD
    The Autistic Dream Realms Project, created by Helen from Autistic Realms, and Katie from Autistic and Living the dream, is a project in which they share information around being Autistic and OCD. Both of these have lived experience of this. Autistic Dream Realms Project – Autistic and Living the Dream (
  • You're Autistic, now what?
  • Autism Research
    Before you think about getting involved in Autism research then please read the following article by Katie Aka Autistic and Living the Dream which you will find at the following link. Things to think about before getting involved in autism research – Autistic and Living the Dream (
  • Creating Safety for Autistic Folk
    A great article by NeuroWild about creating safety for Autistic folk. This resource mainly focuses on emotional/mental safety and well being. NeuroWild - Creating safety for Autistic Folk. In this resource,... | Facebook
  • Processing Mutism
    Processing mutism is the involuntary loss of speech due to excessive processing demands. Some great articles on it by Claire Browne on the Autistic Village website are linked below. My Autistic Experience of Processing Mutism – Autistic Village ( Processing Mutism vs Freeze Stress Response (Shutdown) – Autistic Village ( School as a Polytropic Environment: The Impact on Monotropic Minds – Autistic Village (
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