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All of the below organisations I have personally spoken with or attended webinars or events. Depending on what support you may be looking for they may be able to help you.

I have tried the best I can to ensure they are neurodiversity affirming and they have only made it here due to interactions I have personally had with people from within the organisations.

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AutAngel is run by and for  the Autistic Community.

I have attended a number of their webinars which were insightful.

If you are  an Autistic adult looking to connect with your Neurokin they offer a number of peer support groups for people in and around Reading

You can find their website here

Centre for Autism - Wellbeing Hub

Reading University Centre for Autism has just launched their Wellbeing hub. 09/11/23

I attended the launch remotely and I am looking forward to see how it develops.  Especially seeing Andy Smith from Spectrum Gaming is involved.

I will update this as I learn more but you can get more details at the below link.

Centre for Autism - University of Reading Centre for Autism

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The Autism Group

Maidenhead based charity  that hold parent support groups in Bracknell.

These can be booked via email and directly

Parent Support | The Autism Group

They also offer  free home visits for parents with children awaiting an assessment or recently recognised as Autistic.

In addition to this  they run some training workshops.

The workshops and home visits are booked via  GEMS ADHD and Autism Services East Berkshire on 01753 373 224 / 0800 999 1342

They also run clubs for young people in their Maidenhead site which is a great way for your child to connect with their neurokin.  

My family have had first hand experience of this charity as my daughter attends one of the groups.

Clubs | The Autism Group

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Victoria Kennedy -The Kids Coach

Victoria is based in Andover but covers parts of Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire.

They support children and young people who may be struggling with anxiety and related issues.  They use a low demand, child led approach incorporating play therapy, creative therapy, sand tray therapy and solution focused therapy, mostly on a one to one basis.

You can find them  on Facebook and Instagram on the below links



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