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I have a strong concious for social justice so from time to time you will see I will share petitions for causes that I feel strongly about and to show support for others in the community.  As you have made it to this page I would hope that you share the same feelings and can take time out to sign, share and show support in anyway you can.

Our Education and Mental Health Services are failing our children so please take a moment to sign the petitions linked below.

Thank you!

Stop Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services Denying Support For Autistic Kids

Require education staff to be trained on learning disabilities and autism

Make schools, CAMHs and other professionals recognise and accept Autistic Burnout

Stop the government's hateful guidance: protect our kids

Letter to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care in the UK regarding CAMHS mistreatment of Autistic children and young people

Climate Protest

Advocacy Articles 

How can we enable neurodivergent academics to thrive? By Chloe Farahar 

Creating Autistic Suffering: Autistic safety and neurodivergence competency by David Gray-Hammond and Tanya Adkin

CAMHS ignorance of Autistic children runs deeper than refusing to see them by David Gray-Hammond

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